Pre-Care / After-Care


- If you are on any acne treatments, incuding Accutane:  you cannot get waxed while on Accutane, and for 9 months after cessation of treatment

- Any products that contain Retinol / Glycolic products - including eye treatments, moisturizes, skin care - can disrupt facial waxing treatments.

***This is the clients responsibility to be aware and make known to the provider before waxing treatments.  Please let the provider know if any of the above apply before receiving any facial waxing services***


Sunless Spray Tan

Additional pre and post care services are available upon request, at extra charge


Exfoliate, shave, and use light lotion if you are overly dry, including face.  Avoid using heavy amounts of deodorant.


After your spray tan, heavily moisturize after every shower.  Avoid using any loofah, washcloth, or scrub until you're ready for your spray tan to dissolve.  Chlorine and salt water will cause your spray tan to dissolve faster.


Permanent Makeup


Avoid blood thinners, including Advil/Ibuprofen.  If you are on an aspirin (or other blood thinner) therapy program, consult with your Primary Care Physician to make sure you can go without blood thinners for 4 days prior to your appointment for best results.


Aftercare product information and instructions will be provided in-detail at your appointment.  Please note:  You should not book this appointment if you are about to go on vacation, as sun-exposure should be limited, as well as heavy workouts, saunas, hot tubs for 7-10 days post-appointment.  *All instructions and more will be discussed and provided during your appointment*